Mission Statement

We INSPIRE others to think past stereotypes and misinformation about shelter dogs and breed labels.

We ADVOCATE for saving every life by dedicating our time to major medical and behavioral cases, because all lives deserve a chance.

We EDUCATE those looking for a new pet on important lifestyle matches to ensure for-life placements.

We are The Churchill Foundation


The Churchill Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and relies soley on the generosity of our friends for financial support to continue our mission. All donations are fully tax-deductible as allowed by law, and we welcome all monetary donations including monthly sponsorships via Paypal. EIN: 46-3652699

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Meet Guru! Guru, or Groot as we like to call her is such a loving girl. Displaced due to her extreme prey drive and high energy - Guru came to us ready to work! She LOVES to run and play fetch and requires a pretty decent amount of exercise daily.

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Get Involved! We are a foster-based organization and rely entirely on volunteers and foster homes to continue saving lives! Please consider joining our team today!

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Our Team


Lara Mirkovich

Lara began as a volunteer for a Seattle, WA rescue in 2010. She quickly found a home in Little Friends Foundation upon her return to Las Vegas. When she discovered LFF was to close, she was determined to continue on alongside her then hospice fosters Luka and Churchill. She, along with several other LFF employees, created The Churchill Foundation.


Aaron Boespflug

Aaron met Lara and the crew after adopting Poe from Little Friends Foundation in 2013. When Lara started The Churchill Foundation Aaron and his wife Cristal knew that they wanted help an organization that works tirelessly to bring happily ever after stories to so many deserving rescue animals and families. They were lucky enough to adopt Oaklie in 2015 and are looking forward to seeing TCF continue to grow.


Sophie Duncan

Sophie grew up in Australia and currently resides in Dallas, Texas. She met Lara in 2011 before Little Friends or TCF were in existence and they quickly bonded over their love of pit bulls and coffee. Sophie has been donating her graphic design and merchandising skills to TCF from its inception.


Jeannine Metille-Residori

An Illinois native, Jeannine has always loved dogs. An Accountant by trade she was excited to lend her talents to a rescue in need.


Sue Onorato

Sue, a native Jersey Girl and self-proclaimed crazy cat lady, started out as a volunteer at LFF helping with the cats. She soon got brave and ventured into the puppy room. Next thing you know, she's stuffing Kongs and hanging with the big dogs! Churchill stole her heart, as he does with everyone he meets, and she has been a regular volunteer/supporter ever since. She is still a cat lover through and through and is also an active volunteer/supporter of local kitty charities such as The Poppy Foundation and other Las Vegas rescues.


Steve Onorato

Steve, originally a tough guy from the east coast, now turns to mush in the presence of kittens and dogs like Churchill. He started volunteering in the cat room at LFF and stayed with TCF when they started in 2013. In addition to his involvement with TCF, Steve is also an active volunteer/supporter of The Poppy Foundation and other Las Vegas kitty charities.