When You Adopt, You Change a Dog's Life Forever

Our job is to make sure it's a forever match. For our dogs, and for you. Some of our dogs have come from harrowing circumstances; others have lived without stability for a good part of their lives.

We do our best to place our dogs in homes where they, and their people, will thrive for the rest of the dog's life. Part of how we do that is our adoption process. We respond to all applications as quickly as we can.

We provide free training for life for every dog we adopt. Once a Churchill dog, always a Churchill dog.

Step 1: Fill out an Application

Start the process by filling out an application.

Start Application

Step 2: Application Review

Once we receive your application, we will review it and contact you. We may have additional questions based on your application.

Step 3: Meet & Greet

Once your application is reviewed, we coordinate a Meet and Greet in a public park near your home - this is the dog's opportunity to meet you, and you to meet the dog.

Step 4: Trial Adoption

If all goes well in Step 3, the next step is a trial adoption. All of our trials are at least two weeks, during which you get to know the dog in your home, and the dog gets to know you.

Step 5: Finalize Adoption

At the end of the two week trial, if everyone is happy, we finalize the adoption, and the dog has a wonderful home with you!

Step 6: Furever after

We keep in touch (if you desire)! We love to feature Churchill Alumni on our website and in our social media. We can never have enough updates!

Ready for Trial Adoption?

Pay your adoption fee when the trial begins.

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