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How to Start

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Step 4

Our Volunteer Coordinator will be in touch if there is any additional paperwork or training that needs to be completed

What type of Volunteer are you?

Customer Service

The primary focus for these volunteers is making connections at events to create new volunteers, donors, fosters, adopters, etc.

The Guardians

Our dog handlers. The sole responsibility of these volunteers is making sure that TCF animals are safe during events.

Event Lead

Event supervisors who help setup/breakdown events, assist in resolving issues, handle donations, and help volunteers

The Retrievers

Transporters responsbile for getting our dogs saftely to and from events, training, appointments, etc.

Boho Misfits

Do you have special talents that would make an impact for TCF? These volunteers can do anything from data entry or graphic design to photography.

Guide Dogs

experienced TCF volunteers who help us train new volunteers in various activities such as dog training, customer service, or administrative duties.

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