Who We Are

The Churchill Foundation (“TCF”) was founded in 2013, when a group of employees from a local shelter, Little Friends Foundation, learned that their shelter would soon be closing. They realized they would have to start something new to continue their mission to save animals. They also wanted to make sure that all animals adopted through LFF had a safe spot to return, if needed

Churchill the Polar Bear

A small group of rescuers came across a big white dog in the isolation room of their county shelter, known only as #A697798. They all knew instantly that he just had to come with them. Unfortunately, shortly after bringing him home to Little Friends Foundation and naming him Churchill, it was discovered that he had a terminal heart condition. Knowing his time was limited, a bucket list was created, and Churchill the Polar Bear was introduced to the world. He became a shining example of what can happen when you give a terminal shelter dog a chance. His bucket list created a loyal online community that followed his adventures, and as his heart kept going, more goals were added. Churchill defied all odds and outlived his initial diagnosis. He will always be the inspiration for all that we do

Our Team

We're all Volunteers dedicated to The Churchill Foundation mission

Lara Mirkovich

Executive Director

Claire Ramsey

Volunteer Coordinator

Stefanie Frank

Marketing Manager

Mayra Perez-Brittsan

Event Coordinator

Robyn Reed

Foster Coordinator

Lilian Peterson

Newsletter Coordinator

Aaron Boespflug