Our Programs

Tough Tuccis


One of our specialties here at The Churchill Foundation is working with tough behavior cases, and that’s where our Tough Tuccis program comes into play. Through this program, we desire to educate the public about animals with special behavioral needs, to give those animals a chance at rehabilitation rather than jump to euthanization. Our goal is to give a chance to every behavior case, while ensuring dangerous dogs are not released to the public.


Major Medical

At The Churchill Foundation, we understand that all lives deserve a chance. Our Sirens program allows us to advocate for every life by focusing on major medical cases, balancing quality of life with the outcome of care. The goal of the program is to ensure that lack of finances for medical care is not a death sentence, and to give every life the chance it deserves.

Sugarface Hemis


Sugarface Hemis at The Churchill Foundation are senior dogs who are ten years old or older. The goal of this program is to inspire people to look past the age of the pet, and to see the individual life, which deserves just as much love and attention as any other life. Our foundation aspires to create a culture that values senior animals, striving to give them the best possible golden years.

Luka's Angels

Pet Loss Support

At The Churchill Foundation, we deeply understand the heartbreak that comes with losing a pet, and we also know that the struggle doesn’t end with our emotional state. Finances often get in the way of giving our beloved pets the care and respect they deserve after life. Through this program, we hope to subsidize euthanasia and cremation services, as well as advocate for respectful, dignified, and affordable after life care. We believe everybody has the right to say goodbye to their pet in a loving way, and to bring their pet’s remains back home at a reasonable cost.